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Fill your brain during your commute

Posted by AgileCoder on August 23, 2016

I ride my bike to work most days. It’s usually a 50-60 minute ride each way. When I don’t ride a bike I take a bus and train that takes roughly the same amount of time. On the bus and train I used to read all the time, but you can’t do that on the bike. Years ago I started listing to podcasts through one earbud while I ride (keeping the other ear free to listen for traffic - I’m not totally crazy).

Over the last couple of days I’ve found myself talking about what podcasts I listen to most frequently. In the spirit of scaling my communication, I thought I would put a list of the developer and tech focused podcasts I subscribe to here so I could just point people to this post.

So, here it is. My list of favorite developer/programming/tech podcasts: Bi-Weekly - MS .Net and JS focus, but covering a very broad range of coding and soft-skill content. Probably my favorite tech related podcast, and the show notes are absolutely excellent.

Hanselminutes: Weekly - Broad software and hardware topics with the occasional lifestyle episode.

Code Newbie: Weekly - Beginner focused, with occasional audio issues, but very interesting.

Soft Skills Engineering: Weekly - Local guys who answer a couple of general tech life questions.

This Agile Life: Was weekly, now somewhat sporadic - Agile, management and process from “the real world”.

Does Not Compute: Weekly - just started trying this one out.

This Developer’s Life: Was weekly but no updates for a year - Great general tech/life discussion; worth listening to the old episodes.

Simple Programmer: 2-3 per Week - Wide variety of topics and lengths.

DotNet Rocks: 4 per Week - Programming in the MS stack and related technologies.

JavaScript Jabber: Weekly - Programming in the JS world.

For a similar list of my favorite general news, religion and politics podcasts see my geekcyclist blog.