Visual Studio 2013 Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Posted by AgileCoder on May 28, 2014

As I am transitioning from being a full-time project manager / ScrumMaster back to doing some coding most days, I dug out and updated my Visual Studio Shortcuts cheat sheet. Since then, everyone I have paired with has wanted a copy, so I am posting it here as a .pdf file.

Visual Studio 2013 Shortcuts

The key-bindings should work if you are using the default C# setup.

There are always a few shortcuts that I use that for one reason or another people have never seen:

Peek At Definition

Almost every developer knows you can hit F12 and go to the definition of the current identifier. Most don't know that if you hit Alt + F12 a "peek" window pops up in the current editor tab and shows you the definition. Very useful, and Esc hides the pop-up.

Toggle Outlining

You can collapse or expand the current section/block using Ctrl+M, M.

Go To Previous Cursor Location

When you have multiple files open and are switching between them, one of the most useful shortcuts is Ctrl + - (Control + minus). This shortcut navigates you backwards through the cursor location stack. Ctrl + Shift + - navigates you forward.

There are others I use all the time, but those are the ones that seem to catch people by surprise. Let me know if you use a shortcut all the time that is missing from the cheat sheet.

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